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Omelet for fast cooking
When I am about to have breakfast and I feel famished, I would whip an omelet for myself plus buttered toast. That if much quicker than cooking hot dogs or spam. And omelets can have different tastes and flavor for you can add a variety of ingredients like bits of meat that can be spam or bacon. Also vegetables particularly green tomatoes, potato strips, zucchini or cucumber, etc. Fry what ingredient you find and top it with beaten egg and presto, you have your omelet. As I said, it is a quickie food particularly in the morning when you are rushing for work.
My fiance always makes the best omelets with ham and whatever vegetables we have on hand at the time. He serves it topped with salsa. It is a great breakfast and
a great way to start the say. We have it maybe once a month. Sometimes we will even have it for dinner because it is so filling. Omelets are very good and each one
can be different depending on what you choose to put in them.
I saw a TV show recently on which the host made an omelette in a plastic bag. Now that was really different. All you do is mix the ingredients in there, and boil it in the water. It comes out moist and in the perfect shape of an omelette. I thought it had great appeal really.
Egg is a good source of protein and a good calorie source. You should include eggs in your daily diet. You can cook egg in variety of ways and one of the easiest ways to cook an egg is make an omelette. Heat a pan, put some oil, break the egg, stir well, add seasoning to taste and pour it on the heated pan. Your meal will be ready in one minute.
You make a great point, my friend. Omelets are quick and easy to cook. Plus, there is so much variety involved in making omelets, you can do it several days in a row and not eat the same thing twice. I like a good veggie omelet with spinach, mushrooms, red peppers,onions, tomatoes, and broccoli.
I make omelets a few times a week for breakfast. It's something fast I can make before work, and they are delicious. I usually slice up mushrooms, onion and bell pepper on Sunday and keep them in the refrigerator. I can just grab what I need in the morning and throw it in with the eggs for a quick breakfast.
I just eat waffles and bananas. When I wanna cook something I just put the stove on high to cook fast because I'm very impatient.
One of my quick and easy breakfast meals is an omelette too! I actually just chop up any ingredients I have in the fridge that can compliment my omelette usually red bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and mix the eggs together with a dash of salt and pepper. Then, I pour the mixture on my griddle to cook which is fast! Literally 1-2 minutes per side and what's great about the griddle is that it is fast to clean since it's non-stick! I do not have to even wash any pans or turn the stove on.

On the weekends, my fiancé and I enjoy making waffles or pancakes which is fairly quick too. Just add eggs and milk then mix. We enjoy waffles or pancakes with side of fresh fruit usually strawberries, blueberries or raspberries (depending on the season).
Same here. It's not only for my breakfast, but for lunch and dinner too. As Chinese, we usually have rice for our meals. Sometimes, when we are too lazy to cook the dishes, or there's nothing much in the fridge, we might just fry an omelette. It's fast, easy, and the kids like it. Big Grin
Oh, that is my all time favorite "go quickly" breakfast! It's easy to prepare and cook, and you can use a lot of ingredients! If I'm lazy I usually just use bacon, onions, cheese and of course spices. But sometimes I put everything in it. Tomatos, onions, bacon, cheese, spices, pepper, sausage...etc. Because you can be really creative and quick with this kind of meal, you can even eat it for dinner because of all the ingredients that you can put in it. If I use all of the above with only 2 eggs, that's more than enough for dinner.