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Omelet for fast cooking
Omelet is an extremely simple dish but at the same time is very delicious and it's perfect for when we are rushed but we need to feed ourselves well. I always like to research new mixes (and I have found great recipes Smile ) to innovate in the preparation of it.
Every week i chop up a medley of fresh veggies and put them into a tupperware container just for omelettes (or if it gets messed up a stir fry) for the same reason. It is fast, easy, and delicious. I try to change up my veggies and seasoning every time i do this but i really like spinach, chives, fresh ground black pepper, and cheese. Add a glass of milk and protein and you have my favorite post workout meal!
I think for fast cooking various egg specific recipes can be of use. But it may take some time for those who are into cooking to get used to those recipes. I like mostly spicy food and I don't like raw food. So I prefer to use the spices and try to give some local flavor. I have enjoyed the spanish egg omelette. And I wish to learn the recipe from other parts of the world too.