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Does It Pay To Blog On Education?
I've been a blog owner writing and publishing business related articles for about a decade now, but I recently got touched to start blogging on education. I am not really sure if it's going to pay me blogging on education topics. 

Does anybody know whether people really search for topics that relate to education or not?
Blogging is a long term investment. There are all sorts of blogs in the internet on all sorts of topics. So, even if you make a blog on a very popular subject, it will take time for it to truly bear fruits.
What kind of education topics are you going to post on? I have seen some who search for them.
I guess there are always people searching for education topics, but it also depends on what you are writing. I think there are teachers, parents or even the students themselves searching for this type of information.
If you are blogging to make money I would say this isn't going to be a topic that will generate lots of revenue. It depends on your experience and qualifications, because in education it matters about the source to be taken seriously.

I have several friends who are teachers, and while a blog can express an opinion, is it fact or is it an opinion you will be focusing on? Unless you are working in education I doubt any information you have will be up to date as it can also change quickly.
Thanks for your lovely and pleasant responses. I just like receiving ideas from others, realizing that no one here on earth is an embodiment of knowledge. Sincerely, I blog for making money, not just for fun, but I do my posting job, ensuring that a lot of people that land on my web pages gain one additional concept or the other. I try making my blog posts so informative and captivating that people who visit at one time would love visiting again and again at other times.

I simply wanted to create a new educational blog focusing on the numerous ways to mobilize and motivate talented and gifted youths, maximizing their potentials towards becoming self-actualized in life.
There are plenty of advertisers in education domain. And you can reach larger numbers if you work on it. But the blog has to have some content which is immediately usable for those. I personally didn't find it much useful to blog in education domain. But I am working on it. And with small steps I hope to get some good traffic. My blog however is in GRE and TOFEL specific content. So it needs a lot of specific traffic to work better.
If you write quality and desired content it'll pay off, if you need money consider Google Adsense, but any time of writing has a mental payoff regardless of the money or the views. Thoughts?
Sometimes it's not that easy. Just adding content and slapping with ads won't get much users to like your content. And also getting ads on that would be even more harder. I personally think that it takes a lot for the blogs to work in our favors. There are people who do market on consistent basis. It may work out on some scale but in longer term it just does not work like that.